How bitcoin btc works from an economic point of view?

Talking about Bitcoin from an economic point of view is something that requires going into several important things. First, there is the fact that this currency can replace traditional ones in less than a decade. All this according to the arguments that have been evident since its creation in 2009 and the growth it had.

It is still unknown how this Cryptocurrency works internally because it is difficult to speak of a system without government regulations. From a certain point of view, this benefits the economy of those who believe in investments, leaving banks behind. Bitcoin is an electronic transfer that is quoted daily in each local currency that exists in many countries around the world.
The bitcoin exchange can be quoted in the dollar, euro, or other major currencies. The best thing about this currency from the economic point of view is that it does not exclude any country in its commercialization. Each country can have a way of doing the reconversions, and still, the value remains universal.
People can buy this currency in dollars and still sell it in other exchange rates without a problem. When evaluating the bitcoin price live, you can get it in different FIAT currencies. This allows exchanges to be safe, always using your local currency as a reference without affecting your type of economy.
For the countries that suffer the most devaluation concerning other bitcoin btc currencies, it is a form of support. You can save your money without having to worry about anything other than having a secure wallet available. The best thing about Bitcoin is that you can carry it and use it in many countries without being limited by the exchange rate.
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